Hung Ou Yang

Hung Ou Yang, Esq., Managing Partner of Brain Trust International Law Firm, specializes in transnational legal disputes, international trade, business and white collar crime, and antitrust. Hung Ou Yang has successfully resolved many high-profile civil, criminal, and transnational disputes, including but not limited to representing Simpolo, Icon, and other Indian tiles companies in an anti-dumping investigation regarding ceramic tiles, advising PharmaEngine to deal with its commercial dispute regarding a merger with a French company, representing Indo Kordsa for its corporate internal investigation which led to exposing a biggest bank fraud case in Taiwan history. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Investing in Taiwan

A short Q&A covering main aspects to consider when investing in Taiwan.

Is Non-Competition Clause Enforceable in Taiwan?

One of the most concerned issues for both employers and employees is whether the non-competition clause provided in the employment contract can be enforced when the employment relationship comes to an end.