Juan José Olle Aguilar

Graduated in law from Abat Oliva University. Master's Degree in Taxation and Management at ESADE, gives lectures on taxation in the Income Tax of individuals and the Income Tax of non-residents Spanish to executives of banking entities in Andorra

Advice to individuals and legal entities in matters related to Tax Law, highlighting the following works:

  • Design and fiscal optimization of national and international corporate structures.
  • Inspections and procedures before the Treasury.
  • Fiscal audits.
  • Tax proceedings and litigation.
  • Local taxation.
  • Drafting of reports for clients in relation to any matter with fiscal impact.
Doubts about the Refund of the Tax on Non-Reusable Plastic Containers

Many are the doubts that this new tax has generated in its application after its recent entry into force, also taking into account that it is pending regulatory development.

The Controversy of VAT Deduction in Vehicles Affected by Activity; a Step Forward to Demonstrate its Total Impact

To settle objectively the deduction of VAT contributions on vehicles "affected by business activity", the legislator considered as a valid percentage a lump sum of 50% deduction. But left the door open to a possible deduction higher or lower.

News about the postponement and division of debts

We analyze the most important aspects of the referenced regulation to comment on how to apply for deferrals and splits.