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Karin K. Rivard

Karin structures and negotiates both simple and sophisticated business transactions, with a focus on transactions that monetize or depend on intellectual property. 

Karin helps clients develop ideas into products, structure and enter into strategic alliances and collaborations, and optimize product sales and distribution. By protecting and monetizing their intellectual property (including patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets) these clients earn revenue from pharmaceutical, consumer and agricultural products, medical devices, software and services. 

  • Advised our client, a grain milling company, in furthering its strategy to acquire and develop novel grains for the North American market, including completion of a multi-year, multi-million dollar strategic alliance with companies in Australia and France. 
  • Representation of provider of cloud-based technology solutions used by hospitals in its strategic alliances with other providers of hospital IT services.
  • Provide ongoing legal support to premier academic medical center on all aspects of its $100M federally funded translational research project to develop a novel vaccine in collaboration with a multi-national pharmaceutical company and federally supported agencies. 
  • Provide ongoing business counsel to a startup company developing a new beverage delivery system, from prototype development through manufacturing, supply, distribution and sale of units and consumables.
  • Represent a $50M New York based multi-site community service organization for all significant information technology acquisitions and development projects, including a series of multi-million dollar enterprise software and technology contracts with ADP and Oracle.
  • Represented an online courseware developer entering into a $10M deal to provide entire K-12 curriculum to a non-profit education center.
  • Formed and represented a university spin-out company to license founder’s therapeutic treatments for cataracts and dry eye from founder’s Nebraska-based medical center.
  • Crafted a new consortium funding agreement template for French research institute to fund transatlantic research in the areas of cardiovascular and neurovascular disease.
  • Provide ongoing research, licensing and technology transfer counsel to academic medical centers, research institutions, and universities, advising on deals valued from thousands of dollars to over a hundred million dollars. 
The New Name, Image and Likeness Playing Field for Colleges and Universities:  What You Need to Know

Prior to 2015, student athletes were not permitted by NCAA rules to exploit commercially their name, image and likeness (“NIL”).  However, the decision that year in O’Bannon v. National Collegiate Athletic Ass’n, changed the landscape for student athletes and third parties. 

“We’ve Updated Our Privacy Policy”: How the EU’s New Data Protection Law is Changing Data Policy Considerations for American Retailers

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