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Lennard Govers

Lennard’s practice focusses on national and international family and juvenile law.

Lennard also acts as a MfN registered mediator in family law related disputes between individual parties.

Furthermore, Lennard is regularly appointed as guardian ad litem by the Courts of The Hague and Rotterdam.

In his spare time Lennard is a member of Vlietwensen and tries to dispute issues between neighbours in The Hague area as an official neighbourhood mediator.

Lennard was sworn in as an attorney at law in 2012 and has been an attorney at law, mediator (MfN) and guardian ad litem with BOS VAN DER BURG since 2015.

The Dutch Parenting Plan

If you want a divorce, dissolvement of a registered partnership or get separated while having minor children with shared custody, the parents are obliged by Dutch national law to make a parenting plan.

The Guardian ad Litem in lineage cases in the Netherlands

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