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Maurice van Leeuwen

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Maurice graduated in Corporate Law from Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2019. At that time, he had already been working for 10 years in various advisory positions that were mostly business economically oriented. In addition to a legal background, Maurice is also economically trained. The combination of the two courses ensures that financially complex problems can also be properly processed in the legal process.

His practice focuses mainly on corporate law, contract law, debt collection, and employment law. Maurice likes open and honest communication with his clients. This means that the client always knows where it stands. Honesty and openness on both sides are essential for him to build a good relationship of trust between lawyer and client. In this way he quickly gets to the heart of the problem with clients and tries to find a method to give the client what he is entitled to.

Maurice has a broad legal orientation, has a thorough knowledge of civil law with a focus on corporate law practice. Maurice assists both companies and individuals in a variety of civil matters, which may consist of litigation, but also consultancy work.