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Milica Karadza

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Professional in Sajic Advokatska Firma

Economic Sectors



Ms.Karadza deals with commercial and corporate matters, provides counsel in relation to legal and regulatory framework and advises on complex corporate transactions.

  • Advised international and domestic firms in connection with variety of issues, including M&A, Foreign Investments, Privatization of state enterprises, Public Procurement, Domestic and foreign funds, Public-Private Partnership, Electrical, chemical, rubber industry and non-metal industry.
Procurement or How to Expect the (Un)expected

The title of this text clearly points to the problematic issue of public procurement in Bosnia and Herzegovina and although it is paradoxical, it still seems to be the most suitable description of the issue.

Administrative Fee or Nothing

“Blessed is the one who learns a lesson on the basis of other people’s loss, but the one who learns on the basis of its own loss can be in trouble”. This is an old saying.