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Natasa Krejic

Partner in the Law Firm Sajic, born in 1978 in Banja Luka, gained the university degree at the University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Law in 2004 and started working in the Law Firm Sajic in 2003 as a legal trainee. Passed the bar examination in 2009.

In the Register of Attorneys of the Bar Association of the Republic of Srpska was registered in 2011.

Foreign Investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In recent years Bosnia and Herzegovina has been investing more efforts to attract foreign investments as one of the important ways to encourage economic development and solve problems of unemployment.

Social Security Contributions Paid by the Employer and the Employee

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a republic but due to the complexity of its regional units, Bosnia and Herzegovina does not function as a republic. It is composed of two entities and a district, i.e. the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (51% of the territory), the Republic of Srpska (49% of the territory) and the Brcko District (which was the subject of disputes and international arbitration and then finally recognized as a district).