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Pablo García

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Professional at Manubens Abogados




"Exercising this profession requires a mixture of passion, vocation, legal knowledge, public speaking and empathy with the client "

I am a lawyer with double degrees in Law and Business Administration and Management. The legal and economic knowledge has allowed me to specialize mainly in areas of law more oriented to the world of the company, such as Bankruptcy Law, Commercial Law, Civil Law, Civil Procedure, Administrative Law and Economic Criminal Law.

I am a dedicated lawyer, empathetic and passionate, who tries to defend the interest of his client above all.



  • Counseling in pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy law, including, prior study of the situation of the insolvent and accounting, management of the insolvent during the bankruptcy process, as well as assume tasks of Insolvency Administration.
  • Advice on "Second Chance" processes in the phase of the out-of-court settlement, and in case of not reaching an agreement, consecutive contest and application for the benefit of the dissatisfied liability.
  • Advice in administrative law, both administrative processes and contentious-administrative proceedings.
  • Advice on tax litigation, filing of economic-administrative claims as well as filing appeals against tax acts.
  • Advice on civil and civil procedural law, from drafting contracts to filing lawsuits and other procedural documents.
  • Performance in the room, in multiple abbreviated and ordinary procedures, both in previous hearings and in hearings.
  • Economic criminal law and criminal procedure.
  • Commercial law, drafting of minutes, commercial contracts, as well as study of corporate operations.
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