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Patrick Allemant

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Specialist in subjects of Corporate Law and Land Transport. With extensive knowledge in contractual and administrative matters, trained with postgraduate courses in international trade negotiations and contracting.

He was Director General of Land Circulation of the Ministry of Transport and Communications for a period of three and a half years. Having actively participated in the solution of conflicts of national interest. During his administration he was in charge of the design of policies of transport and land transit and of the elaboration of norms of regulation of the service of public transport, of the interprovincial service of passengers and of transport of goods.

He was president of the Committee of Authorities of Transit and Transit Terrestrial of the Andean Community, representative of the MTC before the National Commission for the Promotion of the Use of Natural Gas and titular member of the Supervisory Council of the System of Control of Natural Gas Vehicle Charge-CNG in charge of the promotion, diffusion and development of the markets Of industrial, automotive and residential natural gas.

Works for Lands within Works for Taxes Scheme

The Peruvian Government after an evaluation at the end of the fiscal year 2016 reported that works for more than 700 million soles (Peruvian currency) were executed through the mechanism of Works for Taxes (OxI).

Rebuilding through Works for Taxes

In our opinion, the announcement made by the Government to promote the mechanism of Works for Taxes for the reconstruction of the affected areas, is a good initiative.

Works for Taxes and Regulatory Changes

As a result of the serious cases of corruption of some foreign construction companies, it is important to analyse whether the package of rules issued can actually revive the economy.