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Rodrigo Monteiro de Castro

Rodrigo Monteiro de Castro is specialized in corporate and business laws, corporate transactions (M&A), capital markets and contracts.

He holds a Master’s degree and a PhD degree in Commercial Law from PUC-SP. MBA from INSPER. Founder and Former Chairman of the Institute of Applied Corporate Law (“Instituto de Direito Societário Aplicado – IDSA”) (2004-2010). Chairman of the “Movimento de Defesa da Advocacia – MDA” and a member of the Organizing Committee of the Brazilian Congress of Commercial Law (“Congresso Brasileiro de Direito Comercial”). Chairman of the Monitoring Committee for the New Brazilian Commercial Code of the São Paulo Bar Association OAB/SP). Professor of Commercial Law at the Mackenzie Presbiterian University. Author of several books and papers and co-author of Bill No 4,303/12 (Sociedade Anônima Simplificada) and Bill No 5,082/16 (Soccer Corporation).

The Role of Society and Press in Facing the Disintegration of Brazilian Football

The structure of football could have already changed if a small part of the time dedicated to the treatment of impediments and controversial pitches in the field was attributed to the debate, by the mainstream media, in a way recurrent and insistent theme of property, governance and control of football activity.

Rilke, Vila-Matas, Paris and Another Warning to Members of the National Congress: Brazilian Football Is Great, but  it Has an End

The poet Rainer Maria Rilke was born in 1875 in Prague, studied in Germany, was impressed by Russia, lived in Paris, where he worked with Auguste Rodin, moved to Trieste, then moved back to Germany and, finally, , settled in Switzerland.

The Time and Turn For the National Congress to Resolve the Structural Problem of Brazilian Football

The debate about the club-company is not new: it has been on the agenda since the advent of the 1988 Constitution and has had repercussions, to a greater or lesser extent, with each club crisis or when sports laws are introduced.