Rodrigo Monteiro de Castro

Rodrigo Monteiro de Castro is specialized in corporate and business laws, corporate transactions (M&A), capital markets and contracts.

He holds a Master’s degree and a PhD degree in Commercial Law from PUC-SP. MBA from INSPER. Founder and Former Chairman of the Institute of Applied Corporate Law (“Instituto de Direito Societário Aplicado – IDSA”) (2004-2010). Chairman of the “Movimento de Defesa da Advocacia – MDA” and a member of the Organizing Committee of the Brazilian Congress of Commercial Law (“Congresso Brasileiro de Direito Comercial”). Chairman of the Monitoring Committee for the New Brazilian Commercial Code of the São Paulo Bar Association OAB/SP). Professor of Commercial Law at the Mackenzie Presbiterian University. Author of several books and papers and co-author of Bill No 4,303/12 (Sociedade Anônima Simplificada) and Bill No 5,082/16 (Soccer Corporation).

Paraguayan Futechanchada

The trouble that Ronaldinho Gaúcho was in, may be clarified; or not. Whatever the outcome, however, indelible marks will be left on it, its surroundings and the country.

Barack Obama, Brazil, Football, Education and the Bill Pending in the Federal Senate, Which Creates the New Football System

In his book "Dreams From My Father", the ex-president of the United States of America, Barack Obama, narrates a certain episode, which occurred in the 1980s, related to his role as organizer of social movements and actions.

The Limits of CVM’s Investigative and Punitive Authority

The judgment on Administrative Sanctioning Proceeding held last February 20, 2018 has set a landmark precedent concerning the extent of the investigative and punitive authority bestowed on the Brazilian Securities Commission.