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Salvador Balcells i Iranzo

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One of the things Mr. Balcells like most about his job is when you get a safe, legal and fair tax situation for the sake of the taxpayer's tranquility and economy, both in previous structuring and planning, and when certain criteria have to be defended before Tax administration.

As a lawyer, he always try to put himself in the place of the one who asks for advice, so that all the options or alternatives that are considered as solutions, are those that would adopt at a personal level if the interested party is himself.

  • Restructuring processes (mergers, splits, exchanges, contributions of branches of activity, ...).
  • Procedures for inspection, collection and tax management.
  • Resources before the Administration, the economic-administrative Courts and the administrative litigation courts.
  • Management of due diligence prior to processes of purchase, acquisition, merger, ...
  • Analysis of planning and systems of tax optimization (consolidation taxation, assessment of the application of different tax deductions, possible use of the various existing special regimes, ...)
  • Fiscal and accounting closures for the tax period affected
  • Study of the combinations of Spanish and Andorran taxation in the field of natural persons and companies and compliance with formal and legal requirements.
Extension Of The Deadline For Submission And Revenue Of Certain Tax Declarations And Self-Clearances

Today April 15, precisely the last day to be able to domicile the self-assessments whose term expires on the 20th, RDL 14/2020 has been published, which approves and regulates the extension of the period for the presentation and entry of the declarations and self-assessments.

End to the Payment of Costs in Economic Administrative Resources

The Third Chamber of the Supreme Court, in the recent judgment dated June 3 (Rec 84/2018), has considered an appeal filed against the regulation of costs in the economic-administrative way.

The Commission Takes Spain Before the Court for Imposing Disproportionate Penalties for not Notifying the Assets Owned Abroad

The EC has decided to bring Spain before the Court of Justice of the EU to impose disproportionate penalties on Spanish taxpayers by not declaring or doing it extemporaneously, the assets owned in other EU Member States and the EEA.