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Stefano Lecchi

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Stefano Lecchi, is specialized in tax litigation, extraordinary taxation and to groups of Insurance; he is engaged as associate and team leader for more than ten years.

  • Taxation of insurance services
  • Projects of tax optimization
  • Dunning procedure assistance
  • Property and real estate management
Any tax assessment must be compulsorily preceded by a preliminary hearing with Taxpayers!

The question and the related discussion on the subjected matter arose nine years ago, right after a ruling delivered by the European Court of Justice. A significant contribute on the path of justice and fairness between citizens and Administration.

Voluntary Disclosure 2.0: last call for Latecomers!

The Italian Voluntary Disclosure is a temporary fiscal Institution that allows those who illegally hold assets in Italy or abroad (cash, investments, real estate, boats, precious and so on) to regularize any lawlessness.