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Tijana Milacic

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Associate in Sajic Advokatska Firma

Economic Sectors



Born in 1990 in Banja Luka. Graduated from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law in 2014. Started working in the Law Firm Sajic in 2015 as a legal trainee.

ICO Projects, Products and Tokens

In this text, we will pay more attention to the emergence of ICO, then ICO products, tokens, potential directions of development, and finally whether its application will find an adequate place in today’s legal system.

Blockchain and Its Applications

Due to the emergence of new technologies, which tend to enter into all areas of life and consequently law, we decided to publish a series of texts on BlockchainICOBitcoin, as well as on all other related modern aspects.

Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market

The European Parliament has adopted a proposal of the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market that, as it seems at least for now, deepened the gap between big internet companies and authors.