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Unijuris is a law firm primarily involved in various areas of corporate and commercial law and acting as clients’ legal business partners and advisors.

Our firm currently consists of four lawyers, all specialized and practicing business law to serve our clients: commercial and industrial companies, associations, foundations, liberal professions...

We practice law as a team. This has the advantage of fuelling intellectual challenge between our lawyers. The members of Unijuris are constantly encouraged to share their experience and their skills, to improve the quality of their services and their responsiveness in the handling of cases.
Having a team of lawyers means that we have the capacity to pool our resources to deal with specific cases that require more attention and resources.

Unijuris is more specifically involved in the following industry sectors: retail, associations, liberal professions, health, tourism, hotels, restaurants, clothing, services and the food industry.

The firm's client base is located in the whole French territory and predominantly in the South East of France.

Unijuris also operates across international jurisdictions, primarily in Europe and Latin America. We actively participate in a network of international lawyers who share our philosophy in terms of market positioning and the practice of law.

Since the inception of Unijuris, we strive to act as our client’s legal business partners and advisors, by contributing our legal expertise to our clients’ projects. We do not consider the law as an end in itself but as a means of providing economic and social development for our clients. We are heavily involved in the evolution of our clients’ businesses.

Unijuris devises technical, innovative, rational and efficient legal solutions for its clients. We do not merely ensure the legal protection of our clients, we seek to create wealth.

We use our technical know-how which we maintain and develop continuously in order to offer custom made solutions to our clients, rather than simply apply traditional legal standards.

Unijuris is located in Nice (06000), 46 Boulevard Victor Hugo. We receive our clients in our premises in pleasant conditions, in the most friendly and efficient manner. We are also close to our clients and our lawyers regularly travel to our clients’ premises, to get a better understanding and a faster and more efficient integration into the life of their businesses.

Our lawyers rely on a team of highly qualified clerks and legal assistants who effectively keep up to date with our clients’ projects and take charge of formal legal and administrative records.

The firm's lawyers are also heavily involved in the life of the our local community, and we actively participate through taking various elected offices, leadership and entrepreneur schemes, sitting on various examination boards, getting involved with banks, cultural associations, etc.