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Valérie-Anne de Brauwere

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Valérie-Anne has been admitted to the Brussels bar in 1999 and was a tax partner at Afschrift Law Firm. She advises and represents corporations, managers and individuals in direct and indirect tax matters. She has also gained extensive experience in wealth and estate planning. Furthermore, she advises and assists in tax litigation matters.

Valérie-Anne lectures tax law at the Solvay Business School (ULB) and at ICHEC (Brussels).

She has written numerous publications in the field of taxation and is regular guest speaker at seminars.

  • Valérie-Anne advises its clients in the different areas of national and international taxation.
  • She handles all aspects of tax law (direct and indirect taxation) such as corporate taxation, taxation of natural persons, insurance taxation, taxation of acquisitions, real estate taxation and planning of successions .
  • She specialized in the transfer of residence of particulars and their companies between France, UK, Luxemburg, Swiss and Belgium. She also handles major tax litigation.
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