Zeljko Vlacic

Zeljko Vlacic is a Senior Associate employed by the in the Law Firm SAJIC since 2011. Zeljko graduated from the University of Banja Luka School of Law in 2011.

Zeljko is an authorized patent attorney, registered at the Institute of Intellectual Property of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In addition to intellectual property, Zeljko's area of expertise is also bankruptcy and liquidation, sports law, issues related to the associations of citizens, concessions especially in relation to mining, real estate, family law and inheritance, as well as issue of the metallurgy and metal and textile industry.

Cancellation of Tourist Arrangements, Rights and Obligations

Declaring a state of emergency or a natural or other disaster caused by a virus coronary pandemic, BiH citizens are faced with numerous dilemmas and questions regarding things that they have not only planned before and during the time of the event, but which have yet to occur after the danger of infection stop.

The Rulebook for Provision of Catering Services in Apartments, Holiday Houses and Rent Rooms Entered into Force

This Rulebook will finally stop illegal provision of services in the area of tourism and catering since the legislator has prescribed, in detail, all the rules pertaining to the facilities providing these kinds of services.