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The Journal April 2019

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Four Ways for Leases to Keep Up with Innovative Retail

Matthew E. Epstein

Industry experts seem to agree that while traditional retailers may be on the decline, innovative stores that focus on “experiential retail” -- interesting, memorable, interactive, multi-sensory shopping experiences -- will continue to thrive.  To keep up with developments in the retail sector, landlords and tenants should consider modifying their retail leases in several ways.

Retail is reinventing itself to cater to fickle consumers valuing the shopping journey as much as the product. Landlords and tenants would be wise to focus on the opportunities to likewise reinvent certain aspects of their leases and operations to accommodate the retail transformation.

Is It Profitable to Be a Socially Responsible Company?

Aline Arbesú

The phrase "Clients do not come first. The employees come first. If you take care of them, they will take care of your customers ", attributed to Richard Branson, is the purest example of what a socially responsible company should reflect and win by the fact of being.

On October 23, 2018, the Official Mexican Standard "Factors of Psychosocial Risk in the Workplace" was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation. Identification, analysis and prevention ", whose objective is" to establish the elements to identify, analyze and prevent psychosocial risk factors, as well as to promote a favorable organizational environment in the work centers ".

Holding and Managing Investments From the Netherlands

Hans de Kruijs

Companies with holding activities in the Netherlands can benefit from the participation exemption regime for benefits derived from qualifying shareholdings, thus resulting in a full exemption from corporate income tax. Combined with the extensive tax treaty network and approachable Dutch tax authorities, the Netherlands has been tried and tested as an internationally accepted and widely used jurisdiction to establish investment holding platforms.

The Netherlands is widely known as a favourable location to establish an investment platform from where investments can be held and managed.

Blockchain and Its Applications

Tijana Milacic

Due to the emergence of new technologies, which tend to enter into all areas of life and consequently law, the Law Firm SAJIC has decided to publish a series of texts on Blockchain technologyInitial Coin OfferingBitcoin, as well as on all other related modern aspects.

In this way, we would like unifying, in one place, all aspects of new technologies, from its first appearance and statutory regulations up to their development, but also their expected future applications. 

Is the EU Being Put at Risk by Its Member States?

Mandeep Johal

The European Commission published a Report on 23rd January 2019 on Investor Citizenship and Residence Schemes in the EU. The report highlights the serious risk for Member States and the Union posed by the growing trend in investor citizenship (“golden passport”) and investor residence (“golden visa”), in exchange for financial investment.

The investments made under such programmes are considered not to necessarily promote the real economy of the Member State granting citizenship (“CBI”) or residency (“RBI”).  Mainly, due to the fact, they often do not require applicants to spend any time on the territory in which the investment is made, and that even when such a requirement formally exists, its fulfilment is usually not verified.

Buying a Property Together: What You Need to Consider in Case Your Relationship Doesn’t Work Out

Philip Rutter

Cohabiting couples are the fastest growing family type in the UK with more than 3.3 million cohabiting families, more than twice the amount there were 20 years ago. Despite this societal change, there remains a significant lack of awareness among cohabitants of their legal rights, or perhaps more appropriately the lack of them, when buying a property together.

Buying a home with your partner, especially a first home together, should be exciting, but in all the excitement careful thought needs to be given as to how your home should be owned, especially in case the relationship doesn’t last.