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The Journal August 2018

The Journal - August 18
The Formalities and Different Ways of Investing in France

Vincent Gautier

Investments in France do not require any autorisation, but certain acquisitions in sectors considered to be “sensitive” require prior authorization (for instance equipments designed to intercept communications; gambling (excluding casinos); businesses certified for national defense; …).

In order to prevent pollution and environmental nuisances, preliminary administrative formalities are required before operating certain types of manufacturing plants.

Business Opportunities in Israel

Adam Yadid

In order for one to be able to understand how to identify business opportunities in Israel, some background regarding this unique compilation of this nation could be of help. 

Israel has succeeded in developing a strong and stable economy, vastly relying on its prominent Hi-Tech business sector. Today, Israel houses hundreds of startups in applied computer science, communications and life sciences, such as medicine and genetics, providing solutions for various problems all around the world.

Singapore: Overview on Fiscal Budget for FY2018

Guido Tomatis

Singapore Government has introduced a new round of changes for tax rebates and incentives with the Budget Statement for the year of assessment 2018, forecasting in the meanwhile a gradually reduction for the next future. It seems like that YA2018 will be the last one which can see an increase of tax deductions.

These changes will lead Singapore to a more demanding tax system, in term of taxable amounts and related compliance, within a deeper integration and harmonisation in the International environment, financial and operational.

Gender Equity in Companies

Paloma Norambuena

Companies are an active part of society: just as they express social problems, they can contribute to their solution.

With respect to Chile, the Global Ranking of Gender Equality prepared by the World Economic Forum (2017) places Chile in 87th place in the ranking, while in 2012 it ranked 70th. The two factors that most affected in the fall of the country, were the low female presence in relevant positions in the managerial field and in political activity and the wage gap between men and women.

The Rulebook for Provision of Catering Services in Apartments, Holiday Houses and Rent Rooms Entered into Force

Zeljko Vlacic

The Minister of Trade and Tourism, with the consent of the Minister of Health and Social Welfare and the Minister for Spatial Planning, Construction and Ecology adopted on July 7, 2018, a Rulebook on the requirements related to the provision of catering services in the apartments, holiday houses and rent rooms.

This Rulebook will finally stop illegal provision of services in the area of tourism and catering since the legislator has prescribed, in detail, all the rules pertaining to the facilities providing these kinds of services.

Possible ‘No Deal’ Brexit Scenario? UK Government Must Welcome Overseas Entrepreneurs

Charles Green

An increasing number of commentators and politicians are predicting the UK will leave the European Union without reaching a trade deal in the Brexit negotiations.

If the UK were indeed to leave the EU with no deal in place, it would bring in to sharp focus the need for us to strike independent, international trade deals with an urgency the UK has never had to demonstrate in the past. Some would say our membership of the EU, and specifically the Single Market, has dulled our entrepreneurial zeal. 

The Times They Are A-Changin’: Movement in the Retail Brokerage Industry

Jeffrey Pike

When selecting a broker, clients consider a host of factors, including both the firm’s and individual broker’s experience, building and client portfolio, and industry contacts. 

While some may feel better served by a small, dedicated team that can arguably offer more personalized service, many elect to engage larger industry players. Larger shops tend to invest greater sums on marketing and new technology to stay ahead of the game and drive business. There appears to be a growing trend of firms consolidating and going public.