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Pragma Journal September 2020 - 12

Pragma Journal Nº12
Growing and Succeeding Together


Pragma Virtual Congress (19th-23rd October)

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French Regulation On Telework by Eric Pouliquen, Willway Avocats

Telework is "any form of work organisation in which work which could also have been carried out on the employer's premises is carried out by an employee outside these premises on a voluntary basis using information and communication technologies". Eric Pouliquen, Partner specialised in Labor Law, shares some slides on telework regulation in France.

Auxiliary Services: Essential For The Electricity Grid Of Costa Rica by William Villalobos, Hulbert Volio Montero

The proper and safe operation of an electrical network requires not only energy, but also other elements that ensure the stability and quality of the energy provided. These types of services are known in the industry as Auxiliary Network Services, and include capabilities such as: voltage and frequency control, reactive power supply, power stabilization, cold and rolling reserve, and black start capability under cold conditions. total collapse of the National Electric System (SEN).

9 Ideas To Help You Working From Home During Quarantine by Filipe Consciência, Caria Mendes Advogados 

If the idea of working from home was a utopia for many workers, 2020 has made this a reality. And, what at the beginning of the year seemed temporary, now seems to become more recurrent and, for many, even definitive. However, working from home is not as good as so many imagined. It has advantages, but the lack of personal contact, routines, leaving the house or even the absence of controlled schedules, makes many suffer more for being at home than in traditional workplaces.

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The Cacciavillan, Romito – Assostudio Chartered Accountants is based in the most relevant economic area of Northern Italy, close to Venice and Milan.

Assostudio is committed to providing a comprehensive, professional and timely service, working with the clients and tailoring the service to meet their individual needs and ensuring the personal approach remains at the root of all the client relationship.

It offers a wide range of accountancy services and business advices to a variety of medium to large sized companies. Rich of experiences in numerous industries, Assostudio is focused on tax and legal issues. Our services includes mergers and acquisitions, liquidations and bankruptcy proceedings, contract negotiations, annual accounts and taxation compliance.

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