The Journal October 2020 - 13

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Pragma Virtual Congress (19th-23rd October)

As next week is the Pragma International Virtual Congress we would like to summarize the different sessions and panels you will be able to participate to in this special edition of The Journal.

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Monday 19th @18:00 CET
Financing In The Era Of Covid
with Rafael Klotz, Managing Director at Gordon Brothers

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Tuesday 20th @17:00 CET
An Overview of the Hospitality Industry

An overview of the hospitality industry markets in the US and Western Europe, including Netherlands and Spain, and the impact of COVID19 on the respective markets, covering e.g. valuation, usage of space etc. We expect to have industry specialists, lawyers and clients on the panel, sharing insights and expertise.

  • Hans de Kruijs, Partner at Bos van der Burg Advocaten
  • Cecilia Gordon, Partner at Goulston & Storrs
  • Ewout Hoogendoorn, Managing Director at Horwath HTL Netherlands
  • Michael Cummings, Managing Director at Horwath HTL USA
  • Frank Croston, Founding Partner at Hamilton Hotel Partners
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Wednesday 21st @17:00 CET
State-Of-The-Art In Retail

Explore current developments in the fashion and retail spheres generally (including the effects of COVID19) by offering perspectives from the critical players in the field: developers, retailers, internet retailers and manufacturers. We expect to have both lawyers and clients on the panel sharing insights and expertise.

  • Matthew Epstein, Partner at Goulston & Storrs
  • Carlos Alonso, Partner at Manubens Abogados
  • Christoph Jonas, Partner at Patzina·Lotz
  • Eric Smookler, CFO at WS Development
  • Kim Sigler, Assistant General Counsel at Bose Corporation
  • Akiko Okuma, VP/General Counsel at Vince Holding Corp.
  • Collyn Präkelt, Head of Client Service at VARIO BüroEinrichtungen GmbH & Co.
  • Marc Lampe, Founder & CEO at Miss Moneypenny Technologies
  • Ricardo Gil López, Head of Legal & Compliance at Brico Depôt Iberia - Kingfisher Group
  • Kelly Vant, Head of Spain at Pradera
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Thursday 22nd @17:00 CET
Fast Track Procedures and Virtual Protocols

Modern life and commerce transactions need fast resolutions for their disputes, and the pandemic situation needs virtual hearings. The conference will address fast-track arbitration, also known as expedited arbitration, and how the world is dealing with virtual hearings.

  • Andrea Hulbert, Partner at Hulbert Volio Montero
  • Gianfranco Di Garbo, Of counsel at Interconsulting Studio Associato
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Friday 23rd @17:00 CET
Providing A Common Language For The Legal Industry

SALI is a not-for-profit organization comprised of legal industry professionals from legal operations, law firms and solution providers with the goal of developing open, practical industry standards for efficient and innovative legal services.

  • Kelly Harbour, Director of Client Relations & Innovation at Goulston & Storrs
  • Jim Hannigan, Director of Legal Project Management at Coblentz Law
  • Adam Stock, Director of Legal Operations Solutions at Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner
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