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The Journal October 2018

Boston Congress: a Brief Summary

Pragma International

Happy 18th Birthday Pragma!

It is now eighteen years that Pragma exists and what better reason than to come together in what almost five hundred years ago was a quantum leap in the history of mankind, the American continent. For this incredible event, our Network's Congress, we counted on the invaluable collaboration of our hosts from Goulston&Storrs, who not only offered us their offices for conferences and seminars, but also were extraordinary organizer of clients tours and business oriented meetings to let us better understand which are and will be the tendencies that will affect both the American and international markets.  

The End of History: the Errors of the Italian Left and the European Reaction

Gianluigi Longhi 

The Bible, in Genesis, tells of the expulsion of Adam from the Earthly Paradise, the place of perfection where every living and non-living thing was available to man, satisfying his every need.

This allegory explains why man must suffer and work and sweat to procure bread, understood as sustenance and any other good for his needs and his well-being. Man and woman have entered the world, full of roughness and suffering, but the man's desire to free himself from hardships, avoid pain and misfortune, is an anthropological trait of his existence, is the quest to rediscover that paradise terrestrial lost.

Migratory Regulation Process and New Visas

María Elena Reyes

The extraordinary process of regularization of migrants and the announcement of new visas promoted by the Government last April, have caused the need for a reengineering of the Department of Immigration.

While awaiting the new immigration law, there is a feeling of uncertainty, which is reflected in the slowness in carrying out procedures and the difficulty of obtaining "hours" to carry them out. This is done through a new time scheduling system, which undoubtedly has good intentions, but whose results have not been as expected. In the interim period, the implementation deadlines for new visas have been met, which we will review.

Andorra: Reorder a Personal, Corporate or Societal Heritage at Zero Cost

Salvador Balcells

With Andorran tax regulations, there was a subject that had been postponed: what happened if you wanted to reorganize an estate? Then it happened that there being no special regulation, applied general taxation. And this supposed to be able to pay for all the taxes in force: the corporation tax, the income tax of individuals, the income tax of non-tax residents, ...

In short: simply to organize -not sell- an own patrimony, could cost so much money in taxes, that taxation was a real brake for the execution of such operations, and a serious drawback to improve the dynamics and organization of the economy itself Andorran.

Immigration Challenges for Employers Post-Brexit

Charles Green

When the new immigration system is introduced in January 2021, after the UK’s transition out of the European Union is complete, European migrants will need to apply for work visas in the same way as those from the rest of the World.

As the law currently stands, European migrants enjoy freedom of movement and have unrestricted access to the UK labour market. After December 2020 (the end of the transition period), Europeans who wish to work in the UK will need to be sponsored by an employer who holds a Home Office-issued Sponsor Licence and be restricted in the employment they can take to skilled jobs that cannot be filled by UK nationals or settled persons.

On the Origin of Retail: An Evolutionary Analysis

Louise Giannakis 

“Retail Apocalypse!”  “Amazon Takeover!”  “Goodbye, Brick-and-Mortar!”  These reflect the flavor of headlines these past few years: one of a retail Armageddon, or the end as we know it of brick-and-mortar. While several prominent retailers have turned to bankruptcy and store closures, research demonstrates that this doomsday hype is somewhat overblown.

Statistics indicate that the number of retail locations nationally has actually increased, and global retail sales continue to increase. So why the prevailing narrative? Because “Toys-R-Us Closing all Locations!” makes for a great click-bait headline. The simple fact is that the retail industry is changing, and while this may result in the closure of big box stores with niche products and high overhead, such as toys or sporting goods, global retail sales are anticipated to continue to increase, from a market value in 2017 of $23.4 trillion to an estimated $24.6 trillion in 2018.