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The Journal March 2018

New Judgment of the Supreme Court on the Remuneration of Managing Directors

Maria Pujol

The recent judgment of the Spanish Supreme Court, has changed the interpretation of the remuneration system of the management body under the Spanish Corporations Act. This new interpretation contradicts the one applied by several Spanish Courts of Appeal and in the case-law established by the Directorate General of Registries and Notaries from the last reform.

The change introduced by said judgment especially affects companies governed  by collegial management bodies where certain executive powers may be delegated to one or more chief executive officer(s) or managing director(s).

The tax aspects of e-commerce

Aline Arbesú

e-commerce must be understood already necessarily in terms of a systematized functional structure, by virtue of which it is possible to carry out any type of transactions electronically.

Although it is true that the term appeals in the first instance to the merely mercantile aspects, it is possible to give it a broad sense, particularly when international tax programs in the digital economy are on the table (Action I of the BEPS initiative, OECD).

2018 Incentives for Developing Business in Italy

Fabio Colombo

The new Italian Stability Law was introduced in January 2018 with important fiscal and spending measures, with the aim to facilitate companies to access business credit and increase the competitiveness of the country’s productive system through labour market incentives, discounts on the social security contributions and tax benefits.

Beside the above 2018 incentives, please consider that the Italian Administrative Offices dispose about other programs for company incentives, for the development of business in specific fields.

Bringing Residential Uses to Existing Shopping Centers- A Win Win

David A. Lewis

Tenant curation, experiential retail, and social media-based marketing are thriving trends in today’s brick-and-mortar shopping center industry. Retail is not the only real estate asset class susceptible to trends, and a recent dominant trend in the multifamily residential sector may offer valuable opportunities for shopping center owners.

For those in the multifamily residential real estate sector, resident “amenities” is the buzzword for attracting and retaining tenants.

Listed buildings: Pomp and Planning

Charlie Davidson

A building being listed is a celebration of that building’s architectural and cultural value. Listed buildings also come under the protection of the English planning system, so that they may be preserved for future generations. Buying a listed property can bring with it unique challenges and responsibilities that you must be alive to during the conveyancing process and beyond.

A listed building is “a building which is for the time being included in a list compiled by or approved by the Secretary of State”.

Plan and Measures to Promote Productivity & Investment

Joaquín Erlbaun

The new bill aiming for modernisation of public gestion and Productivity & Investment support had been accepted by the Chamber of Deputies, on Thursday 25th January 2018.

Some of the most relevant propositions about tax matters are explained in this article.