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ICSC Mid-Atlantic Conference & Deal Making Recap

The conference was very well attended, and the mood among attendees and presenters was generally upbeat. Anecdotally, the sentiment seemed to be that for, retail real estate in this region, the sun is still shining—for the moment.

Published: 16/02/17

Any tax assessment must be compulsorily preceded by a preliminary hearing with Taxpayers!

The question and the related discussion on the subjected matter arose nine years ago, right after a ruling delivered by the European Court of Justice. A significant contribute on the path of justice and fairness between citizens and Administration.

Published: 13/02/17

Tax advantages for researchers and lecturers who comes to Italy

Italian Parliament has recently improved the special tax advantages in favor of researchers and lecturers in order to encourage the scientific and technological development in Italy.

Published: 12/02/17

The Power of the Melody Pushes Fashion Forward

Musical icons from today and yesteryear have given a voice to fashion by creating a kinetic experience full of imagery and a visceral aesthetic that retailers long to foster in their brick and mortar retail stores.

Published: 09/02/17

News about the legal regime of business hours in Catalonia

In the Official State Gazette on January 20, a new Constitutional Court Judgment was published on the legal regime of commercial schedules and liberalization in business hours.

Published: 09/02/17