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Comparative advertising in the food industry: recent case-law

Two recent decisions of the Court of Justice and the Belgian Court of Cassation have recently completed the existing case law on comparative advertising in the food industry.

Tax bonus for taxpayers moving to Italy

In order to attract high skilled subjects the Government provides a tax bonus in favor of those who moved their residency to Italy, the bonus consists of taxable income reduction of 50% for five years.

Supreme Court Says ‘Give Me a ©’ to the Fashion Industry

A recent U.S. Supreme Court copyright decision analyzing cheerleader uniforms may have a profound impact on retailers, and on the fashion industry in particular.

The Rise of Concierge Retail

Retailers have always had to balance a number of different competing factors in order to stay competitive, including location, marketing and convenience. 

Tip Pooling by Restaurant Owners-Remains in Flux

Restaurant owners with tipped employees should take note of several recent court cases which may affect their ability to cause restaurant employees to participate in “tip pooling,” particularly in instances where back-of-house employees are included in such tip pooling arrangements.