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Luxembourg Cross Border Merger

Luxembourg benefits from a leading position as global domicile for investment structuring. The purpose of this article will be to introduce you to the legal merger system in Luxembourg.

UAE Offshore Companies: What are They and wWhy May Be of Your Choice

“Offshore Company” is the term used for companies established under jurisdictions that allow them to operate anywhere other than in the specific jurisdiction they are regulated in.

Overhauling the Regulatory Framework for the Soccer Company in Brazil

Brazil charms the world with its way of playing soccer. According to recent studies, 44% of the Brazilian population is actively involved in the sport. The Brazilian soccer industry is estimated at US$ 16 billion per year.

Unreasonable Insurance Premiums?

Many a dispute arises between a landlord and tenant in the course of a tenancy, but probably none more so than those concerning service charge costs.

Romanian Companies

Natural and legal persons may freely enter into partnerships and set up companies in order to develop business activities under the Romanian Law. According to the Romanian Company Law, there may be incorporated five types of companies.