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Brexit & Immigration

On 23 June 2016, Britain voted in a referendum and decided to end their membership with the EU. The primary issue of Brexit appears to be Immigration. We are yet to see what will happen to the rights of the European Union citizens.

Is the Home Office Trying to Break the Bank?

From the 30 October 2017, banks and building societies will be obliged to carry out quarterly immigration checks on their consumers. This is the effect of Schedule 7 of the Immigration Act (2016), amending the Immigration Act (2014).

Tax advantages for researchers and lecturers who comes to Italy

Italian Parliament has recently improved the special tax advantages in favor of researchers and lecturers in order to encourage the scientific and technological development in Italy.

Special tax regime on foreign income for new residents in Italy

A special tax regime has just been introduced in Italy, effective from January 1, 2017, in favor of high net worth individuals who decide to move to Italy. The new resident will be entitled to ask for the application of the ordinary tax regime.