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Section 20 Consultation Process: I only have to pay £250?

One of the most daunting moments for a leasehold owner is receiving a service charge demand, knowing that there is a contractual cost contained within it which is generally outside of their control.

Blockchain and Conveyancing

Blockchain, a technology that facilitates efficient sharing of data, is being hailed as the next technological revolution, and it is suggested that this ‘disruptive technology’ may impact upon our lives to the same extent as the internet.

Real Estate In Lisbon? Now Is The Time To Invest!

In the past 12 months, house prices in Lisbon grew 20,4% and the growth is not expected to slow down by the end of this year. Quite the opposite. 

Modification Norms to Regularize the Possession of the Small Real State

On September 25, 2018, Law No. 21,108 was published which modifies Decree Law No. 2,695 of 1,979 on Norms to Regularize the Possession of Property.

A Fairer Deal for Leaseholders of Houses and Flats

The Law Commission has today published its long awaited consultation paper on the proposed reforms to the residential leasehold system. Mark Chick has been part of the initial discussions leading up to this consultation and a short note on the background to this development appears below.