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Vitamin D and Retail: But Not Without Due Diligence First

We’ve all read about the question marks floating around the fate of brick and mortar retail in America. Some landlords are adapting to the current climate by repurposing their spaces in malls and shopping centers.

Landlord: I Have an Order for Possession – What Now?

Evicting a tenant is often a difficult and drawn out process for residential landlords. Landlords must comply with requisite notice periods and issue proceedings; a process which often takes several months in itself.

Conveyancing Chains: The Ties That Bind

One of the more stressful aspects of the conveyancing process is what is known as ‘the chain’, e.g. you are selling to someone who in turn is selling to someone else and so on.

MAPIC 2017

For the 5th consecutive year, Manubens Lawyers were once again in attendance in Cannes, France at MAPIC – the leading International Retail Property Market Exhibition

Supreme Court’s New Compensation Criteria in Cases of Unilateral Withdrawal by the Lessee from the Lease of Business Premises

During the years of economic crisis in which the Spanish real estate market has been particularly affected, many lessees have seen their businesses failing to meet the initial economic expectations.