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The European Blacklist Has Been Approved: 17 Country Included

The Council of the European Union has issued its own black list of non-cooperative states and territories. The list was constructed identifying three basic parameters relating to non-EU countries.

Is the Home Office Trying to Break the Bank?

From the 30 October 2017, banks and building societies will be obliged to carry out quarterly immigration checks on their consumers. This is the effect of Schedule 7 of the Immigration Act (2016), amending the Immigration Act (2014).

Michel Reforms: Impacts for Companies, Workers and Savers? (Tax Reforms)

The Michel Government announced ambitious reforms envisaged for the years 2018 and following. Here are the most important points for companies, freelancers, employees and savers / investors.

"Regularized" Offshore Structures: Cayman Tax Application?

You have regularized an offshore structure. How should you include it in your tax return from the entry into force of the "Cayman Tax”? What is the applicable tax system in case of liquidation?

It is possible for the consumer to recover the expenses paid for the formalization of the mortgage

When making a mortgage loan agreement with a credit institution, it is very common for the contract to include an expense clause under which the borrower (borrower) assumes the set of expenses entailed by the constitution and registration of the Mortgage loan.