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Is Your Rental Property Gas Safety Certificated?

Since the Deregulation Act 2015 came into force there are now a myriad of factors which need to be considered before determining if a Section 21 Notice can be validly served.

Listed buildings: Pomp and Planning

A building being listed is a celebration of that building’s architectural and cultural value. Listed buildings also come under the protection of the English planning system, so that they may be preserved for future generations.

Works for Lands within Works for Taxes Scheme

The Peruvian Government after an evaluation at the end of the fiscal year 2016 reported that works for more than 700 million soles (Peruvian currency) were executed through the mechanism of Works for Taxes (OxI).

Rebuilding through Works for Taxes

In our opinion, the announcement made by the Government to promote the mechanism of Works for Taxes for the reconstruction of the affected areas, is a good initiative.

Basement Excavations: High Court case sets new planning precedent

The recent high court case of Eatherley-v-London Borough of Camden and Another at the end of 2016 has made changes about whether planning permission is required for residential basement developments.