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Forging a Legal Firewall: Recent Decisions May Shield Retailers from ADA-Based Website Inaccessibility Claims

Where websites and mobile applications serve as extensions of brick-and-mortar stores, some courts have held that retailers are responsible for accommodating disabled consumers on their online platforms.

The Role of Trust in Italy between Opportunities and Restrictions

The Trust is a legal instrument created to protect assets and fundamental rights when they are earmarked for a specific purpose or are reserved for one or more beneficiaries.

Controlled Foreign Companies

Italian Law n. 208/2015, having its effect starting from Year 2016, introduced important changes with regard to the Countries considered as “Offshore Financial Centres” or “Tax Heavens”.

Criminal Liability of Directors in the Spanish Criminal Code (“the Criminal Compliance”)

In 2010, the legal concept of the criminal liability of legal persons or corporate criminal liability entered into force for the first time in the Spanish legal system, even though its regulation was quite summary.

Boutique Retail Hotels: Introducing The New Meaning Of “In Room” Shopping

In this ever changing world, retailers are continuing to invent new ways to highlight their products, provide customers with an interactive experience and to stay competitive.