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Give Me a Break: Break Me Off a Piece of That…Meal Kit?

Short on time and patience, consumers are jumping on the bandwagon of meal kits and delivery services, which have taken the retail food industry by storm. These services have altered consumers’ idea of convenience.

The Italian “VAT Group regime” comes true … at last!

The Italian legislator has finally removed the VAT legislation gap between Italy and the most part of the EU countries. The new Italian VAT regime arise from a specific option rendered by the EU legislation since 1979.

Europe’s definition of SME to access to EU-funding

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of Europe's economy. They represent the major of all businesses in the EU, and in the past years, they have considerably increased the percentage of employees in the whole territory.

The Holding Company as a Model to Organize the Family Business Assets in a Tax Efficient Way

In the context of family businesses, it is common to hear about the possible advantages or benefits of the creation of holding companies, companies whose main purpose is to hold shares in another companies.

Consolidated Balance Sheet: editing time is different due to different rules

Frequently the European headquarters that own directly a company based in Italy asked “why the balance sheet is not ready?”.