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Where Are We Now on Divorce?

As summer holidays move towards a close there will be marriages feeling the strain of prolonged association and activityBut for those married or in civil partnership contemplating divorce where does the law stand?

Reform of Belgian Inheritance and Gifts Law

The Minister, Mr. Koen Geens, had urged a major reform of Belgian inheritance and gifts law. This is a profound reform of our inheritance law and other related matters

America’s Next Top (Business) Model? Evaluating Fashion’s Big Experiment

Last year, scores of top fashion designers defied convention by abandoning traditional shipping schedules, and moved to a system allowing the ability to give the “insta-generation” instant retail gratification.

Retail Hybrids: Following Trends in Cars, Sports and Food

Hybrids of many sorts have been trending in countless industries and show no sign of fading away anytime soon. Recently, retailers and office tenants have begun combining their space needs into a hybrid retail/office storefront.

Artificial Intelligence in Brick and Mortar Retail

Headlines about brick and mortar retail tend to be dominated by how these establishments are in decline. Fortunately, their demise is not preordained since tools from the online retail universe may also help them succeed.