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Leveraging Digital Tech to Make Brick and Mortar Retail A Destination

With a growing percentage of retail sales shifting online, brick-and-mortar retailers are adopting novel approaches to enrich the experience of a visit to their stores.

The Ascendency of Accessibility: Surge in Website Lawsuits Continues

The proliferation of accessibility lawsuits under Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has not abated. In fact, ADA-related litigation increased by 37% from 2015 to 2016.

After mortgage floor clauses and mortgage expenses ... now comes the increase in the value of urban land

The constitutionality of the Tax on the Increase of the Value of Urban Land has been called into question for several years now. Many of these lawsuits will depend on the decision of the Constitutional Court.

ICSC Mid-Atlantic Conference & Deal Making Recap

The conference was very well attended, and the mood among attendees and presenters was generally upbeat. Anecdotally, the sentiment seemed to be that for, retail real estate in this region, the sun is still shining—for the moment.

Any tax assessment must be compulsorily preceded by a preliminary hearing with Taxpayers!

The question and the related discussion on the subjected matter arose nine years ago, right after a ruling delivered by the European Court of Justice. A significant contribute on the path of justice and fairness between citizens and Administration.