• Pragma is an international network of law and consulting firms
    Pragma is an international network of law and consulting firms
  • We enhance our firms' local expertise  with the specialization of our professionals
    We enhance our firms' local expertise with the specialization of our professionals
  • We create on-demand teams specifically adapted to you.
    We create on-demand teams adapted to your needs

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Pragma's membership is made up of not only firms, but also the individual professionals involved in them. Each Pragma professional has an individual profile which is customized by practice area, economic industry experience and country, thus enhancing the firms, and the network, with all its qualities and skills. This enables us to locate specific expertise and skills to best serve our client demands. 

On-Demand Teams


Formed out of a unique approach to professional networks, Pragma operates on a glocal approach, mixing the local knowledge of its firms and the economic specialization from professionals of Pragma's network. This allows us to create teams specific to the needs of each client, without losing the local factor each firm contributes.

Knowledge Management


Pragma members are encouraged to exchange information. This results in improved knowledge, skills and competencies globally and across firms and individuals. Pragma also provides professionals with opportunities to demonstrate and gain knowledge and expertise, as well as increasing visibility.

Bankrupt Retailers Seek Extraordinary Relief in Time of COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced big-name brands to pursue unique strategies to secure fiscal relief. Even prior to the pandemic’s outbreak, certain retailers experienced financial difficulties and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The New Name, Image and Likeness Playing Field for Colleges and Universities:  What You Need to Know

Prior to 2015, student athletes were not permitted by NCAA rules to exploit commercially their name, image and likeness (“NIL”).  However, the decision that year in O’Bannon v. National Collegiate Athletic Ass’n, changed the landscape for student athletes and third parties. 

As the “Legal” World Turns – Lessons Learned From ICSC Law Conference 2020

It is no secret that this pandemic has taken a toll on the retail real estate industry as a whole, including how many of us are faced with new and uncertain challenges. This year’s speakers offered guidance in how to overcome the many obstacles we are facing

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One of the country’s most acclaimed singers has said she struggles to pay her rent as she attacked the “dark powers” of the music streaming business.Nadine Shah, a Mercury Prize-nominated musician

YouTube suspends OAN, a Trump favorite, for peddling covid misinformation.

O índice Dow Jones superou os 30 mil pontos pela primeira vez na história, fechando o dia com valorização de 1,54; o S&P 500 avançou 1,62% e terminou o pregão aos 3.635,41 pontos

La necesidad de mayor recaudo debe aprovechar la solidez económica de la industria. A octubre, las apps solo han tributado $203.887 millones.

Van de €1900 mrd aan uitstaande leningen is 4% problematisch. Bij de helft van die probleemleningen zijn er al betaalachterstanden, bij de andere helft worden ze verwacht.

Bajden je obećao da će sarađivati sa saveznicima Vašingtona

Exclusive: Cabinet Office briefing seen by Guardian warns that Brexit, Covid, flu, flooding and unrest could lead to chaos

El ministro de Hacienda señaló que los montos serán similares a los entregados por el IFE con anterioridad.

General Electric warned employees that more job cuts are coming to the conglomerate’s jet-engine business because of the pandemic’s impact on commercial air travel even with the promise of a vaccine on the horizon.

Las restricciones propuestas por el Gobierno para las fiestas de Navidad amenazan con hundir en la quiebra de forma definitiva a muchos hosteleros. El sector se juega 11.000 millones en la campaña de Navidad, con un incremento de la facturación de hasta el 25% siempre en diciembre respecto a c...

La literatura sobre educación superior pública en períodos de crisis es bastante concluyente: países que redujeron inversión en este ítem durante la crisis subprime, mantuvieron dicha tendencia por muchos años más. De esta forma, no es baladí lo que ocurra esta semana.

Si farà un altro vaccino se il primo non basta. La patente d’immunità per girare l’Italia

Modeketens willen lagere huren afdwingen, maar ontmoeten weerstand bij sommige vastgoedfondsen en banken.

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