• Pragma is an international network of law and consulting firms
    Pragma is an international network of law and consulting firms
  • We enhance our firms' local expertise  with the specialization of our professionals
    We enhance our firms' local expertise with the specialization of our professionals
  • We create on-demand teams specifically adapted to you.
    We create on-demand teams adapted to your needs

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Pragma's membership is made up of not only firms, but also the individual professionals involved in them. Each Pragma professional has an individual profile which is customized by practice area, economic industry experience and country, thus enhancing the firms, and the network, with all its qualities and skills. This enables us to locate specific expertise and skills to best serve our client demands. 

On-Demand Teams


Formed out of a unique approach to professional networks, Pragma operates on a glocal approach, mixing the local knowledge of its firms and the economic specialization from professionals of Pragma's network. This allows us to create teams specific to the needs of each client, without losing the local factor each firm contributes.

Knowledge Management


Pragma members are encouraged to exchange information. This results in improved knowledge, skills and competencies globally and across firms and individuals. Pragma also provides professionals with opportunities to demonstrate and gain knowledge and expertise, as well as increasing visibility.

Unlocking BPA's Equities to Credit Suïsse (Part 2)

Following the intervention of Private Banking in Andorra in 2015, a variable income of approximately 500 million euros corresponding to some 1,700 customers of this entity, were blocked in Credit Suisse due to the various judicial remedies presented by those affected.

9 Steps to Effective Third-party Due Diligence

This guide outlines nine steps for an enhanced due-diligence process to ensure you have the insights needed to avoid financial and reputational harm due to third-party relationships.

Law Firm Sajic Successfully Represented a Client in the Procedure of Establishing Copyright Infringement in Photography

The Law Firm SAJIC, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, successfully represented a client in the proceedings before the Sarajevo Municipal Court. In the case, related to the infringement of copyright, the court issued a judgment recognizing the plaintiff's rights.

Debt Restructuring for Self-Employed Professionals in the Netherlands

If you are no longer able to pay your debts and you are a sole trader, partner in a partnership or a freelancer/self-employed professional, then you are personally liable for your business’s debts. In the Netherlands it is possible to be debt-free after a period of three years of saving money for your creditors.

Last News

President Donald Trump signed off on a so-called phase-one trade deal with China, averting the Dec 15 introduction of a new wave of US tariffs on about US$160 billion (S$216 billion) of consumer goods from the Asian nation.

Las claves económicas para que Alberto Fernández pueda construir su autoridad

El Partido Conservador del primer ministro de Reino Unido, Boris Johnson, se ha hecho con la mayoría absoluta en las elecciones generales celebradas este jueves en el país, según indican los resultados oficiales con el recuento de los votos prácticamente cerrado. EN DIRECTO | Todos los detalle...

Gamble of triggering a snap poll to unite the Brexit vote pays off, decimating Labour’s support

Johnson — the bombastic showman who led the campaign to leave the European Union in the June 2016 referendum — is now positioned to be the prime minister to see Britain set sail from Europe next month.

Los conservadores superaron los 326 escaños necesarios para alcanzar esa mayoría absoluta, la mitad más uno de los asientos que componen la Cámara...

The majority gives Mr Johnson the numbers in Parliament he needs to deliver Brexit on Jan 31.

Primer ministro conservador habría conseguido 368 de los 326 escaños necesarios para lograr mayoría.

Diep in de Brusselse nacht werden bijna alle plooien gladgestreken. Alleen Warschau kon zich toen nog altijd niet vinden in de klimaatambitie en krijgt tot juni zich op zijn positie te beraden.

Solo queda una semana para su discusión y aprobación. Así van las cuentas.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson won a decisive majority in the general election, a stunning victory for the Brexit cheerleader that paves the way for the U.K. Parliament to trigger a long-delayed split with the European Union.

El gobierno necesita de la oposición para volver a tramitar este proyecto, y las posturas están divididas. Por un lado, algunos creen que Hacienda debe mejorar la oferta, y por otro, están por aprobar la insistencia y después negociar.

Los inversores celebran el resultado electoral en Reino Unido, que recogen una victoria por mayoría absoluta del Partido Conservador, con Boris Johnson a la cabeza. De esta manera, la libra registra subidas que rondan el 2%, su mayor avance desde 2017. 

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