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Legislative Insight: Exclusive Webinar on Legislative Decree 24/2023

Starting from December 17, 2023, numerous medium-sized enterprises, employing at least 50 workers or operating in "sensitive sectors," will be called upon to establish internal channels for reporting national and European regulatory violations.

Has Your Sports Food Become A Therapeutic Good Overnight?

An order made under section 7 of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 has come into force, the effect of which is to now automatically classify any “sport supplement” product in tablet, pill or capsule form as a therapeutic good (i.e. medicine), and no longer food.

What Is The UBO-Register?

Following the publication of the decrees implementing the Ministerial Decree, the register of the beneficial owners in Italy has finally become operational, and it obliges entities operating in Italy to report data and information concerning their beneficial ownership.

I Want My Door Handles Back: A Salutary Lesson In Shareholder Disputes…

Shareholder disputes can often best be viewed as corporate divorce. Two (or more) parties who have often spent much time together over varying seasons of the life of a business trying to build something, come to a point where there’s a falling out.

The Vexed Question of Privilege: Optus Loses Bid to Keep Deloitte Report Under Wraps

In the ongoing Federal Court class action against Optus concerning the significant data breach in September 2022, the Federal Court has recently determined that a Deloitte report on Optus’ data breach review was not legally privileged.