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Consultants: a Liability Trap for Managing Directors?!

Cum/ex transactions and the role played in these by banks and their governing bodies are currently the subject of a great deal of dispute and discussion

Patent Protection as a Strategic Instrument in Competition

More and more companies use patents to keep a distance from competitors or to open up common markets by cross licensing. This raises both legal and practical questions, which patent law expert Christoph Jonas sheds light on.

The Illegal Granting of Credit or the Dilemma of the Good Banker

In the course of 2021, the Supreme Court reached a significant milestone in the systematic elaboration and reconstruction of the liability of the Bank for abusive granting of credit.

Sunderland, Brazilian football, SAF and the Problem of Cartolism

The first -and perhaps the main- lesson that can be drawn from the series Sunderland 'Til I Die, consists in revealing the importance that the football team plays in relation to the population of the city that bears the same name. 

Where Are You Going, Bankruptcy Law?

Every time we have approached to examine a legislative amendment to the bankruptcy regulations, we have not been able to avoid remembering to what extent the legislator is imbued with our wonderful literary genre: the picaresque.