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Football, the SAF Law and the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM)

How can the country that generates the most players on the planet (approximately 11% of all businesses involve Brazilians) produce a billionaire and unpayable debt, from the perspective of the current clubs?

Artificial Intelligence and Business Crisis Prevention: What Changes with the New Code

Risk prevention is the fulcrum around which the new Corporate Crisis Code revolves. IT and AI systems play a central role in signaling the signs of a state of difficulty and allowing timely intervention aimed at resuming ordinary economic activity. That's how.

CBF and the Guidance Letters for the Establishment of SAF

The CBF issued, on January 18, 2022, the Official Letter CBF 246/2022 ("Official 1"), addressed to the presidents of state federations, which deals, among other topics, with the constitution of the football joint stock company ("SAF" ).

Guide to Good Corporate Governance Practices for Foundations and Corporations

The purpose of this document is to be a guide that serves to improve the corporate governance of foundations and corporations through the implementation of good practices.

Genetically Modified Organisms: Their Regulation and Impact on the Food Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The emergence of genetically modified organisms in the food chain, their application in medicine, as well as their wide use in other aspects of human life, has brought with it a series of discussions.