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New Parents and Redundancy: Change Ahead

Following a government commissioned consultation, new parents are to benefit from an increase in legal protection against redundancy. This follows concerns that the law is not working to protect new parents and that more needs to be done to promote job security when a new baby arrives on the scene.

Not All Secret Recording of an Employer Is Equal

I am often asked by employees whether it is okay to record meetings with their employer and by employers what they can do when a covert recording comes to light.

Dismissals and Religious Belief Discrimination: Getting Inside the Employer’s Head

A recent Employment Appeal Tribunal case concerning religious belief discrimination highlights the importance of making it clear why employment (or an appointment in this case) is being ended. Clarity is key.

New Job, New Baby: Avoiding Pregnancy Discrimination

When the Equality and Human Rights Commission asked YouGov to conduct a survey about attitudes of employers towards pregnancy discrimination, 36% of employers agreed that it is reasonable to ask women about plans to have children in the future during recruitment.

Injury to Feelings and Discrimination: It Is Less About How Often and More About How Bad

Putting a value on upset, distress and anxiety caused by discrimination in employment has never been a precise science. Where are the lines crossed?