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Mr Modi’s Last Five Years in Office in India and How to Plan for the Future

India gets ready to vote in the world's largest democratic exercise, commencing last week, from 11 April to 19 May. The number of voters is bigger than the population of Europe and Australia combined.

Recent Modifications of the Barcelona GMP on Issues Related to Housing Policies

Informative note on several recent modifications of the Barcelona General Metropolitan Plan on issues related to some specific real estate sales policies.

The New Humanism in Post Modernity and the Role of Independent Directors

"The return to the ancients, understood as a return to the beginning, is what gives strength and life to everything"

Nowadays everything is more advanced and the connection between people, services or entities is becoming easier, faster and stronger.

Procurement or How to Expect the (Un)expected

The title of this text clearly points to the problematic issue of public procurement in Bosnia and Herzegovina and although it is paradoxical, it still seems to be the most suitable description of the issue.