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Foreign Investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In recent years Bosnia and Herzegovina has been investing more efforts to attract foreign investments as one of the important ways to encourage economic development and solve problems of unemployment.

Brake to the Evasion of Taxes in the Purchase or Sale of Real Estate in Colombia

With the new law 1943 of 2018 in article 43, the private pacts for setting lower prices than the real and commercial value as well as the cash payments in the acts of sale of real estate are put on hold.

The French “Prelevaments Sociaux” Are Deductible From Italian Income Tax

According to article 6 of the tax treaty in force between Italy and France “income from immovable property, including income from agriculture or forestry, may be taxed in the State in which such property is situated”.

Four Ways for Leases to Keep Up with Innovative Retail

Industry experts seem to agree that while traditional retailers may be on the decline, innovative stores that focus on “experiential retail” will continue to thrive.

Is the EU Being Put at Risk by Its Member States?

The European Commission published a Report that highlights the serious risk for Member States and the Union posed by the growing trend in investor citizenship, in exchange for financial investment.