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French Regulation On Telework

Telework is "any form of work organisation in which work which could also have been carried out on the employer's premises is carried out by an employee outside these premises on a voluntary basis using information and communication technologies".

Football, Prejudice, Elitism And The Band Sepultura

Football should not be treated, in Brazil, just as a game. On the left or on the right, it doesn't matter, the contempt (or prejudice) for the activity that attracts, to a greater or lesser extent, approximately 140 million Brazilians and 4.5 billion Earthlings, is unacceptable.

The authorities responsible for the region of Azores, a Portuguese archipelago, imposed a mandatory quarantine of 14 days on arrival in the region, unlike the rest of the country where there is no mandatory quarantine.

Avoiding Coronavirus Discrimination Claims in Retail and Hospitality

As the retail and hospitality industries reopen and expand operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, an important component of those plans is the potential issues affecting persons with disabilities.

The Realities of Going Back to the Desk

As UK businesses begin to re-open their doors, employers are having to embrace a range of new challenges. At the top of that list will be the additional protections that COVID-19 has forced organisations to put in place.