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ICSC U.S. Law Conference 2022

The 52nd Annual Innovating Commerce Serving Communities took place earlier this month in Orlando. The event hosted more than 1100 members of the retail industry, including counsel from outside law firms, in-house counsel, other legal professionals, and many faces familiar to Goulston & Storrs.

Criminal Offenses Ruinerwold: No Reason for Dissolution of Lease Agreement

Hiding a family in a farm may constitute criminal offences, but it is not yet a ground for dissolution of a lease. After all, a bad person does not make a bad tenant.

Shopping Center Operator Not Authorized to Impose Sunday Opening

The Subdistrict Court in Leiden ruled that the operator of the Winkelhof shopping center was not allowed to unilaterally adjust the rules, such that Halfords had to be open on Sundays.

Customer Protection and Empowerment: New Amendments to the Consumer Law

The strengthening of consumer rights makes it strongly advisable for companies to review their contracts, terms and conditions, websites, among others, in order to comply with the new regulations

Can Business Owners Claim for Damages Caused by the Pandemic?

Unlike what happened in other Autonomous Communities, the AC of Catalonia introduced a regulation of business premises rental contracts, through the approval of Decree-Law 34/2020, among the measures adopted in relation to COVID -19.