A Trademark Two-Fer: Trademark Office Metrics; Take-Aways And Tips For Trademark Practitioners

Ira Cohen Ira Cohen from  Ira Cohen, P.A.  on 

The Patent and Trademark Office in the United States has been around in one incarnation or another since July 4, 1836. For most of that time, the office was situated in Washington, D.C.

Frequently Asked Questions for Investing in Taiwan (part 2)

Hung Ou Yang Hung Ou Yang from  Brain Trust International Law Firm  on 

This article aims to assist the readers to understand how foreign companies can invest in Taiwan, by establishing a subsidiary, a branch office, or a representative office.

When Can Non-Alcoholic Beverages Legally Claim To Be “Alcohol Free” Or “Zero Alcohol”?

Charles Fisher Charles Fisher from  KHQ Lawyers  on 

The market for non-alcoholic or low alcohol alternative drinks has exploded in recent years. With consumers becoming more health conscious than ever, coupled with demographic shifts away from alcohol consumption, it is no surprise that people have been drawn to the possibility of avoiding a hangover.

Challenge Of The New Regulation Of Computer Access By The Tax Administration

Salvador Balcells i Iranzo Salvador Balcells i Iranzo from  Manubens Abogados  on 

Royal Decree 1007/2023, was published in the Official State Gazette, which approves the Regulation that establishes the requirements that computer or electronic systems and programs that must support the billing processes of businessmen and professionals, and the standardization of billing record formats, colloquially known as “Verifactu”.

The United Arab Emirates Exit The FATF “Grey List”: What Are The Tax Implications For Italian Investors In The Region?

Guido Tomatis Guido Tomatis from  Algebra Private Limited  on 

The United Arab Emirates authorities have recently received significant recognition from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) as they have been removed from the so-called “Grey List” for combating money laundering and terrorism financing.