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Customer Protection and Empowerment: New Amendments to the Consumer Law

The strengthening of consumer rights makes it strongly advisable for companies to review their contracts, terms and conditions, websites, among others, in order to comply with the new regulations

Can Business Owners Claim for Damages Caused by the Pandemic?

Unlike what happened in other Autonomous Communities, the AC of Catalonia introduced a regulation of business premises rental contracts, through the approval of Decree-Law 34/2020, among the measures adopted in relation to COVID -19.

WHOA, the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy of The Netherlands

The coronavirus has (had) a major impact on our economies. Especially the entertainment business (e.g., bars, clubs, theatres) and its suppliers are hit hard. A traditional bankruptcy was the well-known answer, but there is a new hope for companies with fruitful activities.

Is There a Duty to Support the Damages Suffered as a Result of Managing the Pandemic?

There is no doubt that the management, by the public authorities, of the crisis sanitary has caused innumerable damages to the commercial sector (both owners and tenants).

Five Takeaways from the BBA Webinar on the State of Retail and Hospitality During COVID

On November 13th, the Boston Bar Association hosted Uncharted Territory: Challenges Facing Retail, Hospitality Sectors and their Landlords. Here are five takeaways from the webinar.