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Football, Prejudice, Elitism And The Band Sepultura

Football should not be treated, in Brazil, just as a game. On the left or on the right, it doesn't matter, the contempt (or prejudice) for the activity that attracts, to a greater or lesser extent, approximately 140 million Brazilians and 4.5 billion Earthlings, is unacceptable.

After a steady growth in revenue from Portuguese football, the 2019/2020 football season ended not only with the growth cycle of recent years, but also with a loss of 135 million euros, justified by the suspension of the II League and games behind closed doors.


Nobility, Immorality and Football

The word nobility not only denotes a state of social stratification or the recognition that inequality derives from a divine design. It also draws an ethical meaning that has been lacking in human beings, globally. It evokes righteousness, consideration, acceptance and dignity.

Football, Economy, Education and The Example of Club Athletico Paranaense

In this moment of acute crisis, there is a need to create mechanisms to protect the public against opportunists who intend to take advantage of different situations to obtain personal benefits or to provide gains to the interest groups they represent.

Raí And The Politics Of Football

In Brazil, football activity, for endogenous and exogenous reasons, is still underdeveloped, despite the richness of its components, which intensified the certainty regarding the immediate need for reformulations.