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The Dutch Parenting Plan

If you want a divorce, dissolvement of a registered partnership or get separated while having minor children with shared custody, the parents are obliged by Dutch national law to make a parenting plan.

Post-Covid Border Opening: Prospects for Real Estate Assets for Tourist Accommodation

És una evidència que l’activitat del sector turístic al nostre país té un pes importantíssim en l’economia andorrana. També ho és, el fet que en els darrers anys, el nombre d’allotjaments turístics ha anat en augment. Segons dades del Departament d’estadística, l’any 2015 el total d’establiments d’hoteleria i turisme eren 973, essent 1051 l’any 2019.

Post-Covid Border Opening: Prospects for Real Estate Assets for Tourist Accommodation

It is evidence that the activity of the tourism sector in our country has a very important weight in the Andorran economy. So is the fact that in recent years, the number of tourist accommodation has increased.

Considering Lease Concessions In The Face Of A Tenant Bankruptcy

Landlords are receiving a deluge of requests to provide rent relief to commercial tenants whose operations have either been closed or substantially restricted as a result of state and local governments’ COVID-19 stay-at-home orders and related restrictions.

Eredità e condominio: un esempio di (evitabile) litigiosità condominiale

Leggendo questa sentenza del Tribunale di Roma ( sez. V del 04/05/2020, n. 6847) si tocca con mano un esempio di evitabile litigiosità tra condomini, fenomeno che, secondo una affidabile statistica, ha raggiunto proporzioni ragguardevoli