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Inheritance and Condominium: an Example of (Avoidable) Condominium Litigation

Reading this sentence of the Court of Rome (section V of 04/05/2020, n. 6847) one touches with one's hand an example of avoidable quarrel between condominiums, a phenomenon that, according to a reliable statistic, has reached considerable proportions.

Leveraged Buyout (LBO) In Light Of The Measures Adopted For The Covid-19 Emergency

The tools set up by the government to put companies in a position to cope with the financial and economic difficulties posed by the Covid-19 emergency have not considered the problems related to the implementation of some particular operations.

Strenghtening Of The "Golden Power" From The Italian Government

The Italian Government has intervened once again with the provisions contained in Chapter III on the subject of "golden power", to further strengthen and to extend the scope of the application rules.

Special Moratorium Credit Institutions In Italy  Requirements: The Definition Of SME

The Decree Law No.18 of 17 March 2020 has introduced an extraordinary moratorium on loans and credit lines granted by banks and financial intermediaries to "micro, small and medium-sized enterprises" (so-called SMEs).

Alert Measures in the Time of Coronavirus

Since the issue of the new rules of the Crisis Code (Legislative Decree no. 14/2019), there have been tight criticisms of the institutions for alerting and assisting the composition of the crisis, criticisms that have developed in several directions.