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Recordings of Company Interviews in Order to Pre-Establish Documentary Evidence. The Yes of the Supreme Court Closes the Debate

In a recent sentence of the Supreme Court, complex under many aspects, the judgment of the appealed Court of Appeal had deemed inadmissible the use in court of the recording of telephone conversations between a worker and her direct superior

Artificial Intelligence and Business Crisis Prevention: What Changes with the New Code

Risk prevention is the fulcrum around which the new Corporate Crisis Code revolves. IT and AI systems play a central role in signaling the signs of a state of difficulty and allowing timely intervention aimed at resuming ordinary economic activity. That's how.

The Illegal Granting of Credit or the Dilemma of the Good Banker

In the course of 2021, the Supreme Court reached a significant milestone in the systematic elaboration and reconstruction of the liability of the Bank for abusive granting of credit.

Lecco and Its Territory: A Glimpse of the Future

Lecco not only thinks about the future, but tries to shape it, through young people, culture, businesses, entrepreneurs, associations, science, technology and innovation.

Italy Introduces The Quick Fixes VAT Directive

Italy has introduced Directive 2018/1910/EU so-called “Quick Fixes”, which amended Directive 2006/112/EU on the harmonization and simplification of certain rules in the system of value added tax for the taxation of trade between EU Member States.