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Sócrates, Neymar, Galvão Bueno and the Role of Football

One night at dawn in 2009, I got a call around 11:30 pm on a Wednesday. It was the journalist Victor Birner, inviting me to meet him at a bar. Minutes later, I was next to one of the idols of my life-after, obviously, his brother, Raí, the greatest player in the history of São Paulo and PSG.

Football and Funk: Activities that Should Be Part of the Nation's Reconstruction Project

It is becoming fashionable to publish open letters to the President-elect, coming from the most distinguished and qualified sources: some with technical and structured ideas, others with personal desires.

Football, the SAF Law and the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM)

How can the country that generates the most players on the planet (approximately 11% of all businesses involve Brazilians) produce a billionaire and unpayable debt, from the perspective of the current clubs?

CBF and the Guidance Letters for the Establishment of SAF

The CBF issued, on January 18, 2022, the Official Letter CBF 246/2022 ("Official 1"), addressed to the presidents of state federations, which deals, among other topics, with the constitution of the football joint stock company ("SAF" ).

A Photograph of the Football Situation in Brazil (and Projections from the Experience of Red Bull Bragantino)

The purpose is only intended to present a position, from an image (or photograph) of the current situation of football, and compare it with the perspectives provided by the SAF Law.