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Is There a Duty to Support the Damages Suffered as a Result of Managing the Pandemic?

There is no doubt that the management, by the public authorities, of the crisis sanitary has caused innumerable damages to the commercial sector (both owners and tenants).

The Effects of Electronic Notifications in the Absence of Prior Notice by e-mail

As is well known, the AEAT has its own notification regime in its relations with the companies that is developed through the so-called authorized electronic address (DEH).

Summary of the Main Tax Measures Contained in the General Budget Law Draft of the State for the Year 2021

We summarize the main tax measures modifications appeared in the draft of the General Budget Law of Spain in 2021.

Agreements To Reduce Or Forgive The Amount Of the Leases And Their Effects On The Value Added Tax

One of the most obvious effects of the state of alarm generated by COVID-19 has been the renegotiation of current rents, and specifically the forgiveness or reduction agreed between the property and the lessee of the amounts to be paid.

News Regarding the Exemption in the Income Tax of the Work Performed by Spanish Residents Abroad

There are many foreign companies that receive services from workers residing in Spain. These workers must pay their income tax in Spain but can apply the exemption for the work income obtained if three requirements are met.