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The Commission Takes Spain Before the Court for Imposing Disproportionate Penalties for not Notifying the Assets Owned Abroad

The EC has decided to bring Spain before the Court of Justice of the EU to impose disproportionate penalties on Spanish taxpayers by not declaring or doing it extemporaneously, the assets owned in other EU Member States and the EEA.

The Proposal of the Spanish Patronal CEOE Gives Back to the Austrian Backpack

The CEOE, has included in its contributions to the National Reform Program of 2019 a proposal to establish compensation for dismissal of a single amount for all cases, 20 days per year with the cap of an annuity.

Mr Modi’s Last Five Years in Office in India and How to Plan for the Future

India gets ready to vote in the world's largest democratic exercise, commencing last week, from 11 April to 19 May. The number of voters is bigger than the population of Europe and Australia combined.

Is the EU Being Put at Risk by Its Member States?

The European Commission published a Report that highlights the serious risk for Member States and the Union posed by the growing trend in investor citizenship, in exchange for financial investment.

Can Cross Border Mergers Continue Between Spain And UK After Brexit?

The continuous insecurity of whether there will be a deal or no-deal Brexit puts international companies in a difficult position to understanding what type of Brexit they should be planning for, if at all.