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2019-nCov Coronavirus, How Companies Can Take the Epidemic Risk Into Consideration?

The 2019-nCoV coronavirus appeared in late 2019 in the Chinese provice of Wuhan. Absenteeism in companies is likely to be quite high during an epidemic and employee absences could be relatively long, so it is advisable to think about it now.

Admission and Residence Conditions for Foreigners In France

France has set up a legislation framework for international mobility. These rules apply to all foreigners, except EU, EEA and Swiss nationals. These latter are free to travel and work in France without a visa, residence permit or work permit.

The Formalities and Different Ways of Investing in France

Investments in France do not require any autorisation and the formalities for setting up businesses have been simplified.

Taxation of Bitcoin

Until the ruling of the Conseil d'Etat on April 26, 2018, the gains from the sale of cryptocurrency units, mainly "Bitcoin", were the subject of two instructions published in the BOFIP already dating from 4 years old...

When Does a Foreign Company Must Necessarily Establish a Work Contractin French, Even for a Foreign Employee

The duty to establish a work contract in French is very often ignored by foreign companies. Nevertheless, it may have potential negative consequences.