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The Sound of Silence: Good Floors Make Good Neighbours

If a tenant in a residential block of flats has noisy neighbours, a common law nuisance claim could be pursued against the noisy neighbour. However, it is not always easy to establish a nuisance based on the everyday levels of noise that are associated with normal day-to-day living in a flat

Redevelopments Coming Apart at the Seams

A recent decision between a Hotel Landlord and a Textiles Dealership Tenant has woven a new thread to long-established tests regarding redevelopments.

Get Out Of My (Right Of ) WAY!

Rights of Way can be one of the most bothersome issues for neighbours. The general rule is pretty simple to follow: there is a right over someone else’s land. So why does it get so complicated?

Law Commission’s Report on Reform of the Enfranchisement Process

We had the announcement at the end of September that the Law Commission is going to publish its report on the first part of its objective in the 13th Programme of law reform looking at enfranchisement. What does this mean?

Fitness for Habitation: A Short Guide

On 20 December 2018 the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 (“the 2018 Act”) was given royal assent and on 20 March 2019 it came into force. The 2018 Act amends the current fitness for human habitation rules found in the 1985 Act.